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01 - Newfab Prequalification Document

Saudi Company for Prefabricated Buildings LLC (NEWFAB) is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated buildings. Its main operation is the manufacturing of prefabricated buildings for use as accommodation, offices, support facilities, site establishment and similar applications. Our manufacturing facility is located at the outskirts of Riyadh covering a total land of 340,000 m2. The prefabricated building units are manufactured in covered production facilities featuring the latest technology in assembly line production. This has resulted in Newfab daily production capacity of approximately 1,500 m2/ day, hence providing fast deliveries of the required units.

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02 - Quality Procedures and Production Process

The Quality Manual simplify the scope of our technique to meet general requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Systems Accreditation and 18001:2007 Health and Safety as well as 14001:2004 Environment Management to meet the customer specifications and other applicable regulatory requirements. The production process refers to the platforms essential to manufacture our products.

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03 - Newfab e-Catalogue

Newfab is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated buildings in the region, operating three covered production facilities in Riyadh of 15,000 m2, a total land of 340,000 m2, and featuring the latest technology in the assembly line production. Our production capacity is 1,500 m2/ day. Our wide range of products includes multistory buildings, fire rated, skid mounted units, in addition to large buildings used as accommodation, offices, mess halls and support facilities.

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