Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the most reliable and innovative manufacturer, service and solution provider in the prefabricated building industry.

Our Mission

For the past thirty years, we have been engineering, manufacturing and assembling prefabricated buildings, single and double-story, at affordable prices and delivered in record times. From single accommodation and housing units, to large, several thousand square meters’ labor camps and site offices, we have been serving the construction, industrial and residential market segments across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC, with the continuous obsession of excellence that has built our reputation over the years.

We constantly look for better ways to meet or even exceed the increasingly demanding customers’ expectations through relentlessly revisiting our operational processes without compromising whatsoever the quality of our products, the safety of their builders and occupants and the respect of our environment.

Less than a decade ago, we leveraged on our manufacturing strength and launched the production of wooden doors and door frames with the same passion for quality and affordability as our prefabricated buildings. Our fire rated and non-fire rated doors, suitable for the complete building sector have made a successful entry on the market and since then, we have manufactured and installed approximately 100,000 door sets in residential, commercial, educational, institutional and healthcare facilities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.