Newfab Advantage

Newfab creates open spaces of unlimited sizes through meticulous design of individual building units.

We carefully review each project and prepare the drawings, specifications and units’ production sequence in close coordination with our clients and in compliance with projects’ priorities.

Our units are factory piped, wired than tested and undergo rigorous quality checks at each station on the assembly line. Units are numbered according to their respective site locations where they are dispatched sequentially and laid on the NEWFAB concrete footings for final assembly.

The only ground requirement is a level, flat and compacted soil, free of water accumulations. No excavations are needed! The result is a fast to erect, economical building system.

The buildings, once assembled are ready for occupancy. Home, office, restaurant and school furniture are optional. 

At Newfab, customer satisfaction is everyone’s concern. No matter what the issues may be, we take them our own to steer solutions towards all parties’ benefit. This is what makes Newfab unique. 

Three decades of dedication to our customers and to our customers’ clients are the testimony of our commitment, day in day out, to excellence in everything we do.