MODULAR Permanent Type


1.      Pre-Painted Metal Roof Tile Imitation G.A. 29

2.      Truss Assembly 89 X 41 X 1.1mm G.I.

3.      Roof Insulation100mm thk. Fiberglass

4.      Ceiling Fire Rated Gypsum Board 12.5 mm thk.

5.      Wall Stud 89 x 41 x 1.1 mm G.I.

6.      Wall Insulation 100mm thk. Fiberglass

7.      Internal Wall Finishing Fire Rated Gypsum Board 16mm

8.      Floor Finish (Custom-made)

9.      Aluminum Window Custom-made

10.    Under Sheathing 6mm cement board

11.    External Finishing:

         a.     External Cladding Cement Board 12mm

         b.     Lap siding with Timber Imitation (optional)

         c.     Custom made (optional)

12.    External Door Metal/Wood Door with Metal/Wood Frame

13.    External Skirting Painted Concrete Beam

14.    Floor Slab Reinforced Concrete w/ Ring Beam

15.    Base Course 150 mm dense graded mineral aggregates

16.    Floor Insulation 300 Microns Polythene sheet