Modular System

The modular system developed by NEWFAB offers an ideal solution for off-site construction, delivering a permanent building system with superior quality and accelerated construction speed.

Unlike standard prefab structures that rely on load-bearing wall panels made of light-steel C sections, our modular units are column-supported. Loads are transferred through edge beams to heavy-steel corner posts, creating self-sustained volumetric modules. This innovative approach allows for greater flexibility in architectural and interior design without compromising the integrity of the structure. Additionally, the inclusion of a special concrete deck system ensures the aesthetics and experience of a typical floor in permanent concrete buildings. It also addresses acoustic, fire protection, and footfall-induced vibration issues commonly encountered in prefab buildings.

Moreover, for cellular-type buildings like hotels and apartments, our modular system enables the modules to be fully finished and furnished at the factory, reducing the need for extensive site work.

The outline specifications of the system:

  • Life expectancy of at least 25 years.
  • Structure constructed using heavy gauge steel members.
  • Floor system composed of a dovetailed profile metal deck with 2-4″ reinforced concrete, offering rigidity, durability, soundproofing, and a realistic appearance similar to concrete buildings.
  • Perimeter walls are well-insulated and can be finished with a wide range of facade options, such as stucco paint, curtain walls, ACP cladding, and other customized facades.
    The roof can be either flat with a waterproofing system or pitched, and it can be covered with standing seam snap-on steel panels with hidden fixations.
  • The partitioning system is designed to meet fire-rating and soundproofing requirements.

Modular Advantages

NEWFAB’s proprietary steel volumetric modules, manufactured and finished off-site, provide an excellent solution for new projects and offer several advantages over other construction methods.